- for health and wellbeing -


– The practice I teach you will be a great companion for the rest of your life!
– We breathe and move in a strong meditative force that challenges us, and rewards us with good health in ways that simply makes it fun! 🙂


– The way I teach ashtanga and hatha yoga is very gentle, therapeutic and allowing. I want the student to get maximum benefit from the practice, and that needs to happen gently. A large part of my students are twice my age, which forced me from the very beginning to develop a teaching style that is suitable for different body types, different ages, and different personalities.

– A good yoga teacher must avoid causing physical and emotional pain, but instead make the practice safe and relevant for everyone. Being able to teach on the correct level for the student is what opens up for a healing process of transformation.


– As a student of mine you will get a strong foundation in your practice, which awards the practitioner with more self confidence. This includes developing strong and stable legs and arms in a supple and strong body, to support building a platform for a confident mind to become steady like a mirroring lake. Soft and yet so stable. Like the serpent king Ānanta 😉

If you do not yet have confidence to join my classes in Tammisaari Finland, then please check out my free ashtanga yoga intro here online (scroll down)! You need to create a username and password to access the whole free course with 9 videos to get you started.

I want the student to feel successful in practice and feel each pose to develop stronger, slowly over a long time of steady practice!

I am a strong believer in shorter practices, and adapting the yoga practice to fit your life and life situation.



I live and teach in Raseborgs Yogaskola in Tammisaari, Finland. All classes are and courses on this site are in Helsinki timezone, unless stated otherwise.


The way yoga is being taught has changed dramatically if we look back 20 years.

During the 2020 – 2022 lockdowns we have seen a dramatic increase in online live yoga classes. It allows us to connect around the world, and we can even save records of the meetings if you can’t make it in time to class!

At the same time the teaching method naturally has to change when you are not present and can assist someone physically.You need to teach the student how to assist him/herself, either by using props or making the pose easier. I like both methods, but rarely use other props than blocks and hand-towels.

I hope that as many as possible can attend the live classes instead of saving videos for later. Most of what and how I teach, is based on what I see happening in class.

I will give you clear and trivial instructions during the practice to help you keep safe in your journey on the yoga path. It is an extraordinary one!